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Client: BALA
Date: 2023 - 2024

Key Summary

- Paint production through recycling of waste cosmetics.

- Protect the planet and aim for a better life.

- Eco Products/Campaigns/Exhibitions/Education.

- 2024 Asia Design Prize 'Winner'

Brand essence & value

Concept & design keywords

Symbol design

Logo-type design

Signature design

Brand color system

Motive design

Pattern design

Graphic design

Application design

Brand guidelines

By. Design Astrein®

DALL·E 2023-11-09 16.49.48 - A delightful image of a single child, a joyful girl of Middle


Recently, the cosmetics industry has faced a number of issues related to environmental pollution. In particular, everyone is paying attention to the problem of environmental pollution caused by waste cosmetics that are difficult to recycle. In order to solve these social problems, Arttab is creating a pro-emperor service ecosystem to make waste cosmetics into paint products through upcycling and to promote the importance of preserving the environment through art culture activities and various art education with various artists so that sustainable value consumption can be achieved. Therefore, this project is an environment-conscious company, and we have built this brand to realize a better world and value consumption with more consumers and deliver a differentiated brand experience.

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