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Asia Design Prize

Approached from the establishment of the essential concept of small and medium sized enterprises and public institutions, the studio "Design Astrein," which develops professional designs, has achieved a "grand slam" in which all three corporate branding projects will be awarded at the Global Design Awards and the 2024 Asian Design Prize.

"Asia Design Prize" was established in 2016 and is headed by world-renowned designer Karim Rashid. Currently, a panel of more than 35 world-class designers, including Professor Shin Kao-do, selects Asia's best design through fair and strict screening of the aesthetics, innovation, new technology, and form of more than 2,300 works in 34 countries around the world every year. (Asia Design Prize Entrance Statistics: 248 out of 1,061 works from 25 countries were selected as of 2024)

Design Astrein is a professional design company that not only derives fragmentary designs, but also considers projects in depth with clients and produces results through creative differentiated strategies and designs. In addition, it is submitted to the world's top three design awards every year to secure objective evaluation and public confidence, and it is evaluated as a studio with more than 35 awards.

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